Man spielt nicht mit der europäischen Union


Man spielt nicht mit der Europäischen Union On ne badine pas avec l’Union Européenne We don’t mess with the European Union Евросоюз это не игрушка Não se brinca com a União Europeia Non si scherza con l’Unione Europea No se puede jugar con la Union Europea Wij knoeien niet met de Europese Unie L’Europe est peut-être actuellement à ... [mehr]

Fragments of a European Catechism


LIGNA: »Tanz aller«, Fotograf: Eiko Grimberg Question: Is fascism Europe’s future? Answer: Just recently, an event series curated by Bini Adamczak took place at the HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin; it was titled “The Return of European Fascism”. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported on it and objected to the use of the term “fascism” when referring to current rightist/populist ... [mehr]

Silent Migration

Emre Koyuncuoglu

The Turkish director Emre Koyuncuoglu about ethnic engineering and forced migration Emre Koyuncuoglu What does a very personal story from my past have to do with a universal dilemma and its tragic effects, such as forced migration into a foreign country? My personal family history begins with such a moment. When we examine Viola Hasselberg’s family history, we find intertwined ... [mehr]

In Contradictory Times


A talk with the director of the opera »Crusades«, Neco Celik, and Jonas Görtz Jonas Görtz: In Europe, every week you have the impression of being overtaken by another historic event. One is practically forced to recognize that we are living in a time of historic change. What is your perspective on today’s Europe? Neco Celik: Frightening! I try to protect myself from it, because ... [mehr]

No one is without a city – as long as there is Thessaloniki

510_0_gross_Hasselberg_Viola_Internet (1)

Research on »Ethnic Engineering« by Viola Hasselberg Arrival What is the collective memory of the 1923 Turkish/Greek population exchange? This past invention, »ethnic engineering« was connected to the strong belief of having a constructive, peace-securing political strategy at hand. The terms »people«, »ancestry«, »nation« were not yet dominated by negative associations. ... [mehr]